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MAZARAKI Anatoly Antonovich

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in MAZARAKI Anatoly Antonovich
doctor of economic Sciences (1993), Professor (1994), member of the National Academy of pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine (2006), honored science and technology worker of Ukraine (1995), winner of the State prize of Ukraine in science and technology (2013).

In 1972 received higher education in the Kyiv trade and economic Institute on a speciality " Technology and organization of public catering".

From 1972 to 1975 worked as a scientific worker of the Ukrainian research Institute of trade and public catering of the Ministry of trade of the USSR, from 1975 to 1984 - senior engineer, Junior researcher of the Council on studying productive forces of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

In 1984 is appointed to the position of Deputy Director on scientific work of the Republican design-technological Institute of the Ministry of trade of the USSR and in 1987, - Deputy General Director on scientific work of NGOs "Torgproject" the Ministry of trade of the USSR.

1988 his career stand'connected with higher education: academic Secretary, associate Professor of Economics, trade, Decan economic and trade Department, the first rector of Kyiv state trade and economic Institute, and since 1991 - rector of this Institute; since 1994 - rector of Kyiv state University of trade and Economics, which in 2000 by the decree of the President of Ukraine granted National status.

Known scientist in the field of the modern economic theory, in particular, on the issues of commodity circulation in market conditions. Author of scientific works on the problems of formation of the effective mechanism of state regulation of the sphere of circulation, substantiation of methodical aspects of the strategy of foreign economic activity of Ukraine, development of domestic and foreign trade.

Prepared and published more than 330 scientific papers, including 33 monographs. Author and co-author of 31 textbooks and manuals on the economy. Prepared 16 doctors and 12 candidates of Sciences, carries out scientific advising 6 post-graduate students and 2 competitors of a scientific degree of the doctor of Sciences.

A.A. Mazaraki:

  • the Chairman of the scientific-methodical Commission of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine with the management and administration;
  • the Chairman of the specialized scientific Council for conferring scientific degrees of doctor and candidate of Sciences;
  • a member of the scientific Council of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine and the Chairman of the section "Economy"
  • the Chairman of the editorial boards of the scientific-practical journal " Herald of KNTEU" and the international scientific-practical journal "Products and markets"
  • the Chairman of the drafting of the RAdi log trading community "Retail-Ukraine"
  • the head of scientific school on Rosu'asana problems of development of the sphere of commodity circulation as a precondition for economic growth;
  • a member of the Public Council under the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine and the Ministry of economic development and trade of Ukraine;
  • a member of the Committee on the state prize of Ukraine in the field of education;
  • a member of the scientific Council of the Ministry of economic development and trade of Ukraine;
  • an Honorary member of the Association of treasurers of Ukraine;
  • a member of the management Board of "Know"
  • a member of the editorial boards of all-Ukrainian scientific-practical journal "Treasury of Ukraine" and industrial-practical magazine of the chamber of Commerce of Ukraine "Business Herald"
  • a member of the editorial boards of the journals "Economy", "the Financial control", "the Competition. Bulletin of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine"
  • Honorary Professor of the University of Soka Gakkai (Japan); Russian state trade and economic University (Russian Federation); the Budapest Economics Institute (Hungary); Kiev national trade and economic University;
  • an Honorary doctor of the Cracow University of Economics (Poland); the Belarusian state economic University (Republic of Belarus); the Belarusian trade and economic University of consumer cooperatives (Republic of Belarus).

Active initiator of reforming of the higher school. Prepares and makes proposals to the draft laws of Ukraine and other normative-legal acts. The University, which he heads, is leading the process of modernization of the content of education, the introduction of new training technologies. In 2006 the Kyiv national University of trade and Economics joined the great Charter of universities (Magna Charta Universitatum). The University has created a complex consisting of 16 educational institutions of different levels, Scientific and research financial Institute, actively functioning of the technical Committee for standardization, technology transfer Center. The University is the member of International organization of trade and economic education.

In headed by A.A. Mazaraki University training of specialists, who receive education and qualification level " bachelor", "expert", "masters", is carried out on 15 directions, 25 specialties and 44 double master degree studies (day-time and correspondence forms of training). Provides a wide range educational services to ensure the fundamental basic training and individualization of education. Constantly works on the improvement of curricula, review the contents of educational disciplines for the purpose of aggregation, strengthen the scientific component of training specialists of a new formation on the basis of competence approach. Under the leadership of the rector developed industry standards of higher education in three directions of training.

the Attention of the rector is paid to strengthening of positive trends in strengthening the personnel potential of the University. The University has four specialized academic councils, in which being the protection of dissertations on competition of scientific degrees of doctor and candidate of Sciences. Training of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel in the University is carried out in graduate school on 16 scientific specialties and doctoral studies in 7 specialties, which contributes to the reproduction of the intellectual potential, replenishment and renewal of the scientific-pedagogic and research staff, improvement of efficiency of preparation of the scientific staff of the Kiev national trade and economic University. On the initiative of the rector created and actively functioning system of preparation of a reserve of applicants from among students, who receive education and qualification level "masters".

the University is a modern methodological centre for educational institutions, preparing specialists for the sphere of business and trade. According to the international standard ISO 9001:2009 in Kyiv national trade and economic University has a modern quality management system. Functioning of the integrated automated information system of University management. Actively develops international cooperation in the field of economic science and training.

Under the personal attention of the rector is the process of realization of measures on creation of favorable conditions for learning, comfortable stay and residence of students, including those with special needs. 

    A.A. Mazaraki awarded: 
- the order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise V degree, 
- orders " For merits " III, II and i degrees, 
- pam'possibly a gold medal " 10 years of Independence of Ukraine," 
- medal "In the pam'memory 1500th anniversary of Kyiv," 
- Honorary diploma of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine,the 
- Honorary diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine,the 
- the difference of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine " For merits in combating economic crime" And the degree 
- breastplate of Ministry of economic development and trade of Ukraine "For the hard work" And the degree 
- breastplate " Honorary worker of the State Treasury of Ukraine," 
- breastplate of the State customs service of Ukraine "For customs security of the state" And the degree 
- Gratitude from Kyiv mayor, 
- the order of honor "For the development of education", 
- gold medal of the Society "Know", 
- other government awards. 
   Is the order of the "Academic palm branch" (France) and other foreign government awards. 

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